Has the great outdoors been calling to you? Considering a weekend getaway, or maybe an Overlanding adventure with the whole family? Whatever you had in mind, MDC USA has you covered, offering a wide range of Overlanding Pop-Up Campers. Our campers are built for serious overland travel, so you can go your hardest whether it’s through the US rocky mountains or the Utah desert in total comfort and style.

Overland Pop Up Campers


Dual Fold Overland Camper


Forward Fold Overland Camper


Forward Fold Overland Camper

AUSRV Overland Pop Up Campers


Forward Fold Overland Camper


Dual Fold Overland Camper
$32,990 → $24,990


Your next off-grid adventure isn’t complete without an MDCUSA overland pop-up camper trailer. For those who traverse rugged terrain by day and sleep under the stars at night, we present the best off-road camper trailers for sale. MDC has got you covered, offering a wide range of all-terrain camper trailers for sale. MDCUSA off-road pop-up camper trailers offer extreme offroad capabilities with all the luxuries of home. Put simply, there’s no terrain too harsh for this fully-loaded camper trailer

The MDCUSA overland camper trailer range offers our customers with a complete luxury home away from home. Lightweight and effortless to tow on-road to off-road, we have roomy forward fold and dual fold campers suited to your needs with complete kitchen facilities, tonnes of storage space, and comfortable beds. Providing you with the highest level of quality and comfort on any adventure. We offer up to 6-berth luxury overland camper trailers, allowing families of all sizes to travel in comfort and style. Our heavy-duty camper trailers are off-road and off-grid capable, allowing you to adventure longer. MDCUSA you will escape with confidence and comfort, wherever you go.

MDCUSA provides our customers with only the best off-road family-sized camper trailers for families and camping enthusiasts across the country. Each one of the MDCUSA overland camper trailers for sale comes fully equipped for extreme overlanding, guaranteeing strength and durability, and can be delivered across the country, so you’ll be out exploring the US outback in no time. Browse the full range online and buy an overland camper trailer today.


Trying to decide between a hard floor or soft floor camper trailer? We can help you choose what is right for you, browse our selection of hard-floor folding camper trailers today.  Rear fold campers, forward fold campers, and dual fold campers, it’s all here in a configuration to suit all your overland camper trailer needs. More than that, when you buy with MDC, you’ll get the best inclusions, options, features, and upgrades in our range of off-road pop-up camper trailers, meaning you’ll always get the best value for money at MDCUSA. Our heavy-duty overland pop-up camper trailers strike the perfect balance between durability, versatility, and functionality.

Camper trailers not what you’re looking for? We also offer off-road travel trailers for sale, as well as hybrid camper trailers to suit your needs. As the largest nationally recognized camper trailer manufacturer in Australia, and with outlets across Australia and the US, you can remain confident that you’ll always receive a high-quality and affordable overland camper trailer or hybrid caravan.


Being a market leader in the off-road camper and caravan industry, MDCUSA is tested and trusted by Americans. We can’t get enough of that great USA spirit for adventure, and we want to provide you with the best overlanding adventure experience possible. The US has some of the best camping locations in the world. Get to those million-dollar views and spend a weekend of adventure in style and luxury with Market Direct Campers USA. Our overland camper trailers are built and equipped for extreme overlanding, so you can go your hardest through the US outback in total comfort.

Browse our full range of offroad camper trailers for sale and get started planning your next family overlanding adventure. We offer hassle-free finance options through our MDCUSA Finance team so you can turn your camping adventure dreams into a reality! Any questions? Give us a call at 833-632-8721 and a member of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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