4WD TV: Ruby Gap Adventure – Golden rocks lit up! 4×4 into the Red Heart!


Starting from our meeting point in Alice Springs, our local guide leads our convoy out of town and straight onto the dirt for an easy day of exploring, test towing our vans off-road, and making our way to a tricky climb and lookout, which treats us to a stunning view of the outback plains leading all the way back to Alice Springs.

Continuing eastward, we make stops at Corroboree Rock and the breath-taking Trephina Gorge, where the golden rocks are lit up in a fiery glow by the sunset. After setting up camp, cooking dinner, and visiting the famed Ghost Gum tree, we kick back in comfort at our campsite for the night.

The next day, refreshed and ready for more exploration, we venture off-road, crossing rocks and dry creek beds to enjoy morning tea at the John Hayes Waterhole. With plenty to see and do along the way, this is just the first episode of our thrilling five-part series on Ruby Gap and beyond!

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Watch the full series below.

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