4WD TV: Ruby Gap Adventure – Entering Sandy Riverbed with Camper Trailers


This week on YOUR4X4 we kick things off with an extremely tight squeeze! It’s not the overgrown narrow and rocky trail leading into John Hayes Waterhole and it’s not the constricted gorge and waterfall feeding the waterhole! It is in fact the MDC Mankini that one of our brothers has somehow wedged himself into! But fortunately that is just the start of our adventure and after a refreshing (note eye watering) dip we are off again heading east before snaking south for NDhalia Gorge.

We pass under the Seven Sisters, stunned by the shear beauty, colour and abruptness of the roaring red ochre cliffs and enter the culturally significant Gorge where thousands of rock carvings abound. Form here it’s a push further east as we race against the setting sun in an attempt to reach our campsite, and base for the next two nights, at Ruby Gap.

But that’s where things go horribly wrong as vehicle after vehicle gets caught in the soft powdery dry sand of the river bed. Laden down by our caravans it’s a monstrous team effort as we crawl metre by metre across the sand, and over the rocks in search of solid flat ground. Tune in to see how we handle the challenges and what else could possibly go wrong!

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Watch the full series below.

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