4WD TV: Ruby Gap Adventure – Cruizer BOGGED to the axel | 3 Hour Ruby Gap Recovery


It is hard to believe that it’s already part three of this stunning five part series and we are overloaded and bogged to the axles and still trying to make it to our main destination of Ruby Gap! But despite all the odds, deep soft sand and continual boggings, the convoy pulls together, pushes on and no one is left behind as we finally crawl into camp, late and exhausted yet still triumphant!

Morning kicks off with a totally new vibe as we wake to the incredible sights, sounds and colours of the amazing Ruby Gap, and the reality sets in that we are finally there. With breakfast done and our vans unhitched, it’s time to explore and we head off along the dry river bed in search of adventure. With tyres aired right down and no campers in tow, the going is easy and there’s only one casualty as we make our way to the incredible river bed rock structures where everyone is keen for a play.

After their fill of flexing, crawling and rock hopping the convoy turns their thoughts to the campfire, dinner and the night ahead but as the convoy turns and heads back down the river, one solitary vehicle heads for the bigger rocks and a bit more of a challenge. It’s the Iveco and it’s quest to see more of Ruby Gap, and with a handful of kidnapped kids, Simon heads off on a solo adventure to see, explore and experience a little more. The rewards are fresh waterholes, towering red cliffs and at least one self recovery before heading for home and another gorgeous sunset.

But the day is far from over. Dinner is an absolute treat, the campfire is roaring and the Ruby Gap Nightclub is open and ready for anything! From desperate late night recoveries to a dance off in the sand, this is another fun, entertaining and action packed episode of YOUR4X4. Don’t miss it.

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Watch the full series below.

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